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Current Employees

Need Access to your account information?

Follow link to access pay stubs and your account information. Don't forget about the Paylocity app.  Paystub and account access is at your fingertips.  Contact the office with questions. 

New Hire Videos

Questions with your onboarding paperwork? The following videos step you through the "how to's" of our onboarding process.  

Reporting your time

Contact the office to confirm how your time should be reported.  Weekly timesheet(s) should be reported no later than Monday(s) at noon CST to ensure timely payroll processing. 


It's that time of year.  Health renewal time.  Consultant's check your email for updates.

We also offer discount savings on an array of options through our.                                          Contact the 804 HR Department to obtain your access code to these savings!



804 HR Department / 636-928-0330

Quarterly Events
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Annual Holiday Shipments


Will you be on the


Are you on 804's nice list? 

Our annual holiday shipments mail out in December to all active consultants

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